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[You Are What You Read]

As the editor of an important news paper, it is your job to make sure 3 headlines are published every day; however, not all of the drafts you can choose from are all that true, and those that are may not excite readers enough to keep your newspaper afloat. 

Balance integrity and survival, and see what happens when you curate reality. Designate what is truth and watch as the world twists itself to match. 

The headlines of this game are taken from real life news sites, reputable and disreputable alike. The 'integrity scores' are based on the truth meter ratings of articles from Politifact. This game was inspired by how much fake news has influence people's world views, especially with regard to recent events. Consumption and belief in seemingly immaterial false information slowly turns a person's world into an alien, hostile place, while ethical choices on the parts of editors and journalists lifts the fog of disinformation bit by bit.  


Game created for the Boston instance of the Goethe Institut's Art Games Jam.  

Programming: Elise Xue, Whitney Fahnbulleh

Art/Graphics: Jessie Wang

Content and Sound: Dinesh Ayyappan.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing

Install instructions

Please select 1280x800 resolution when running this game !


YRWYR-Mac.zip 17 MB
YRWYR-Windows.zip 13 MB


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Super cool, you should play "Papers, Please!" - same kind of gameplay! : )


Hey! great game btw and really nice concept.. However, it's still lacking something that gives the player to keep playing

Made a video about it.. Please support my channel to give developers a bigger audience and bigger attention. :D

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Fascinating concept.  The main thing I would want changed is the length of it.  It feels like there's such a limited amount of time for any sort of changes to occur that I can't possibly make all of them happen.

It is interesting how unsettling the world can get as you progress.  I can't tell what some of the things are, but they still weird me out some. 

I'd encourage you to concider adding a few more articles and world effects-- maybe traces of riots (smoke/flame/general destruction) or something.  All in all, it's a well done premise with a lot of room for expansion.  Well done.